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  1. Akinot Reply

    Dreamt and dreamed are both past tense forms of dream. Dreamt is more common in Britain, while dreamed is more common in other English-speaking countries, including the U.S. Dreamed seems to be more popular than dreamt when talking about sleeping, but when dream has a hopeful, literary sense, dreamt might be used.

  2. Gardazshura Reply

    Jun 26,  · 6. Dreams of Being Chased. Dreams of being chased are very common, often recurring and usually very scary. They are frightening because our unconscious mind is trying to tell us something that we have blocked from awareness either totally or partially, in .

  3. Daishicage Reply

    Dream Moods is the only free online source you need to discover the meanings to your dreams. Check out our ever expanding dream dictionary, fascinating discussion forums, and other interesting topics related to dreaming.

  4. Brara Reply

    Jul 04,  · It just mean you had a dream and it's only a dream, you need to try to find a meaning of a dream as there is not any. You better wake up come out of it and start putting efforts to achieve the dream of your life and this is not the dream you had in sleep it's the dream which you see with open eye, it's the goal you have set for yourself, it's something you should find the immense pleasure in doing.

  5. Akisida Reply

    Jun 26,  · You've surely had the "all of my teeth fell out" dream. And you've doubtlessly also racked up a "showing up naked to school" dream or nine in your .

  6. Yozshusida Reply

    As they turn your dream to shame He slept a summer by my side He filled my days with endless wonder He took my childhood in his stride But he was gone when autumn came And still I dream he'll come to me That we will live the years together But there are dreams that cannot be And there are storms we cannot weather I had a dream my life would be.

  7. Gukasa Reply

    Dreams mean both a purely psychological phenomenon (at one end of its meaning), but can also mean a desire (as in my dream job, dream home, dream girl/boy, etc. I suggest "Dream of" because it sounds more polite and romantic. If I say "Dream about you" that covers the wide range of your dream, you could be flying or may get in a wonderland.

  8. Murn Reply

    May 27,  · Dreamin' Lyrics: I'm dreaming in the morning / I'm dreaming all through the night / And when I'm dreaming I know that it's all right / Woo-hoo-hoah / I'm dreaming in the evening / Dreaming all.

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