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  1. Makora Reply

    The treatment outlined below is general and is outlining a subterranean termite treatment on a home or structure that has been built on a monolithic slab. If you have a question about what that is, or if you have a home on a on a crawl space, a hollow block foundation, a structure on piers or a structure on a floating slab, we recommend you.

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    Mix half a cup of vinegar with the juice of two lemons. Pour the vinegar and lemon juice into a spray bottle. This will make it easier to dispense in affected areas. Video of the Day.

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    1. Thorough termite inspection A State-certified Western Exterminator specialist will perform a thorough inspection of your home, talk you through the evidence of termite activity and explain potential risk areas.. 2. Before fumigation We will provide you will a comprehensive set of instructions to ensure a successful fumigation treatment.

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    2. Vinegar. Get This Product Here. Another answer for what can kill termites naturally is vinegar. You can use it diluted or without diluting. It will kill present termites on contact and it helps to keep others from using the tube in which you sprayed the vinegar.

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